Inês is the jewelry designer that lends her name to the jewelry brand Inês Telles. Handcrafted through traditional jewelry processes in her workshop in Lisbon, the pieces made of silver and gold are created into carefully selected collections that give an exclusive sentiment for those who want to feel them. 

A vast collection of nature’s elements and objects that the designer collects from her travels can be found in every corner of the workshop and are, together with the unique light of Lisbon, an inspiration for her jewelry creations. Her degree in Art History also presents as a source of inspiration as it relates to the collective memories of people and places such as their history and cultures.



Phs. Ana Brígida


The brand Inês Telles started in 2009 and began its official International debut in 2010 by participating in several International Trade Shows and by being represented in multiple selling points across the world. Even with the constant search for perfection the brand focuses on staying true to its essence, authenticity and love for the jewelry created.






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